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July 14th, 2023

Candidate availability

Since we launched the ability to intelligently coordinate multiple meetings at once, we've been working on making Prologue's scheduling capabilities even more powerful. Today we're excited to announce several features that we've shipped in the past week in this vein. First up, you can now specify candidate availability when scheduling meetings:

Configuring candidate availability when scheduling meetings

Just as with the availability of your team, Prologue will use this information to find the best possible times for meetings to take place, even across multiple time zones. Moreover, if you know for instance that the candidate won't be available until next week, or that someone in your team will be away for a few days, you can now also specify a date from which Prologue should begin searching for good times:

Instructing Prologue when to search for good schedules

Finally, we've made it clearer how Prologue will use the information you provide to produce recommendations, so that you can make the best choice for all attendees. This includes better clarity around the availability and calendars of your team, as well as other factors Prologue considers when generating possible schedules.

Explaining how Prologue generates recommendationsShowing information about why attendees have been included in a recommendation