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Prologue is a better way to assemble teams. Built for high-performance recruitment functions.

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An all-in-one hiring platform

Prologue is a fully-integrated recruiting SaaS, designed to be the only tool you need to assemble an incredible team.

Win the best candidates with a 10x experience.

Prologue is built for assembling world-class teams. Win the very best candidates from the competition with unforgettable hiring experiences. Increase offer accepts, decrease unwanted drop-off and accelerate time-to-fill.

Customisable Candidate Dashboard

Showcase your employer brand at scale while giving your candidates everything they need to be engaged and successful. Our automatically managed candidate-facing dashboard will make your hiring journey stand out.

Customised Content
Role-level personalization
Brand & culture kit
Candidate feedback
Team profiles
Stage guides
Open tracking

Time to meet the team 🎉

Thanks for chatting with Rosie, we are really excited to advance your application to the interview stage. Werner is looking forward to meeting you this week.

Jessice Ove

Hiring Manager

System Design Interview

Wed 27 Oct • 1:00pm - 1:30pm

Jessica Ove

Grace Loncraine

Candidate health scores

Reduce candidate drop-off and boost offer-accepts with realtime candidate health metrics. Derived from your own SLAs and our monitoring tools, we'll alert you as soon as something turns red.

Jessice Ove


Jessice Ove


Jessice Ove


Uncover candidate drivers

Understand what makes candidates tick and deliver your employer proposition in a way that resonates.

Competitive intelligence

Prologue includes proprietary data feeds on the state of the hiring market.

Meet your candidates where they are

Build rapport quickly with high-touch interaction without sacrificing compliance.

Progress your pipeline at break-neck speed.

Prologue is built for highly capable teams who want to recruit, not get bogged down in data entry and admin. We'll take care of that and leave you to do what you're best at - connecting with candidates.

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Separate the science from the art

Inbox-zero isn't just for email. We've extended that concept to cover every admin and process task you complete when managing your pipeline. We give you the tools and context to get through your todos at unbeleviable speed.

Insanely fast

Prologue is the fastest ATS ever made, with no page loads or loading spinners. Get to what you need in milliseconds.


Schedule interviews 4x faster with direct booking links for candidates and a powerful multi-party scheduler.

Ultra-fast UX

We have obsessively designed Prologue to minimise friction. And when you know what you need use the command bar to work at the speed-of-thought.


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Collaborate on hiring across your organisation.

Prologue is the platform the team wants to use. Built for highly demanding hiring managers and teams with easy-to-use self-serve dashboards and the intuitive, modern design they're used to.

Streamlined Views

Engage your hiring manager and team from kickoff to interview with Kanban boards and an interface that make sense.


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Elliot Hartley



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Diane Abagnale



Deep Slack integration

Meet the hiring team where they are at - in Slack. Pre-meeting reminders and smart prompts keep them engaged.

The tool hiring teams want to use

Prologue is simple, modern and intuitive. We make hiring joyful.

Answer every question (even before it's asked).

Prologue gives you a full-spectrum view of your hiring efforts. Build and share complex reports in-app, and rely on our supervisory systems to let you know when something goes wrong or could be improved.

Advanced Reports

Time to Hire by team? Total interviewer hours by department? Offer acceptance by interviewer? There's no need to integrate a BI tool to get the report you want - build it directly in Prologue.

Time To Hire By Team


23 days

(Top 18%)


This Month

Realtime Feedback

Get live, in-app recommendations on how to improve your processes - for individual candidates or entire pipelines.


Take-home assignment

Adverse dropoff detected

We have deteceted a 23% dropoff at this stage.

Benchmarked Data

Understand how you are performing compared to other world-class TA teams.

Average Candidate Response Time

7.2 hoursTop 11%