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June 2nd, 2023

Insights and dashboard updates

This bank-holiday week we've been busy working on some larger features, but we've still managed to ship some improvements on our reporting pages and candidate dashboard!

We've been crunching the numbers and we're delighted to unveil fill probability, another step on the road to useful and actionable insights. Worried how an extra stage might impact your pipeline? Concerned that you might not fill one of your open roles? We now take various health-indicators and previous performance data from your pipelines and calculate the probability of the role being filled for any given job!

This score is calculated on-demand so feel free to tweak your pipeline and check back for the impact we think that will have on the probability that the role is filled.

Fill probability

We also received some feedback this week that it would be great to include a description on your company values – and we totally agree! You can now add a longer description to your company values to give more colour to what it's like to work with you.

Company values

Just head over to the careers page section of the settings page to add descriptions to your company values. They'll be displayed in your careers page alongside your company story, content and FAQs.

Company values authoring

Next week we'll be navigating some exciting changes to the way you use Prologue, so stay tuned for more!

Improvements and fixes

  • Logged in users are now automatically redirected to the Prologue app from our homepage