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May 26th, 2023

Data retention and deletion

Respecting candidates' privacy and managing data responsibly needs to be at the core of any candidate-first hiring organisation. As of today, this is yet another feature that Prologue takes care of for you. The compliance center can now be accessed under Settings by owners and administrators, and allows you to manage automatic deletion of candidate data.

The Prologue compliance center

In the compliance center, you can control why and when candidate data will be deleted. At present, Prologue supports deleting data you hold on candidates you have disqualified. When a candidate is disqualified and you have configured a deletion policy, their data will be deleted automatically after the configured period. If during this period you requalify the candidate, or add them to another job process, their data will be retained.

Configuration data retention periods

Whenever you change your data retention policies, Prologue will inform you of your changes and the effects they will have on existing candidates, before prompting you to apply them.

Confirming retention policy changes

When viewing a candidate whose data will be automatically deleted in the next 30 days, you'll see an alert in their process tab letting you know exactly when their data will be removed.

Candidate deletion alerts

This is just the first of many data governance features we intend to launch in the coming weeks and months – stay tuned for future updates!