New updates and improvements to Prologue

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March 31st, 2023


Comments are here! Comments allow you to, well, comment, on candidates and their applications, and fill the gap between messages and full-blown notes or evaluations. Like notes, comments are never visible to candidates, and appear in a candidate's feed alongside other updates:

A comment

Use @-mentions to communicate with other members of your team. Colour coding lets you quickly see who's who, showing recruiters, external partners and other team members. If you're working with agencies or external support, control comment visibility on a per-comment basis as you see fit:

A comment editor showing comment visibility and mentioning team members

Comments replace “next steps” in the pipeline, giving you the same quick overview of a candidate's status with a much richer audit trail of who said what, when:

Comments being shown in the candidate pipeline

Improvements and fixes

  • The feed has been powered up, grouping messages and comments from individuals and more clearly displaying authoring information.
  • Notes on candidates submitted by external recruiters will now come through as comments and not notes, making it easier to glean more about new submissions at a glance.
  • We've removed the “latest experience” column from the pipeline in favour of showing this information alongside the candidate's name. This frees up more space for more important details.