New updates and improvements to Prologue

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March 24th, 2023

Waiting tasks

Last week we launched meeting stages, and with them the first iteration of tasks. Tasks help you and your team focus on delivering amazing candidate experiences by letting you know what needs to be done, and when you need to do it.

Existing tasks

That said, it's also important to know when you're waiting for inputs from others, such as colleagues or candidates themselves. Enter waiting tasks. Waiting tasks let you see the status of every candidate at a glance, whether there's an action to be taken or not:

Waiting tasks

Of course, nobody wants to wait forever. Every waiting task has a chase task backing it up — if things are taking too long, we'll help you get them back on track by reminding people to hold up their end!

Chase tasks

Kanban task workflows

If you want a snapshot of all the candidates applying for a given job, the Kanban board is a great place to visit. As of this week, we've also powered up candidate cards with tasks, so that you can now not only see where all your candidates for a given job are, but what needs to be done to move them forward!

Kanban board tasks

Improvements and fixes

  • Upon signing in, you'll now be redirected to the jobs page instead of the pipeline, giving you a better opening overview of your open roles and active candidates.
  • We've released a number of fixes that make it easier to author jobs and organises the stages within them, as well as better descriptions of the parts you can customise.