New updates and improvements to Prologue

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March 17th, 2023

Show off your amazing people with enhanced biographies

It's time for your team to shine. With enhanced profiles, you and your team can share your experiences, passions and working styles.

A team member's enhanced biography

Give candidates even more up-front insight about why they should apply and join you. It's time to say goodbye to the days of waiting for emails and interviews to get to know potential colleagues.

Authoring an enhanced biography

Meeting stages and tasks

We're focusing on the science so that you can perfect the art. This week we've shipped the first of many features we're implementing to help you streamline your hiring and avoid drudgery. Introducing meeting stages, which allow you to define processes for scheduling interviews and catch-ups with candidates:

Authoring a meeting stage

Meeting stages come equipped with their own set of tasks, that can help prompt you to schedule meetings, chase candidates or attendees, or make a decision on whether a candidate should progress. Don't waste time working out what the next action that needs to be taken is — we've got your back.

Meeting stage tasks