The ATS for thecandidate-first hiring movement

The ATS for thecandidate-first hiring movement

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Why candidate-first?

Candidate-first hiring wins the best candidates

Your startup is competing with 1,000s of others to hire the best people. They want to join an exciting, mission-oriented and humane company. Show them that's what you are.

Execute the candidate-first hiring playbook with Prologue.

Prologue coordinates the 4 pillars of candidate-first accross your entire org.

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1. Treat candidates as equals

Build buy-in with your candidates by making your hiring process a collaboration between them and your team.


2. Stop doing admin, start closing

Recruiters should be spending their time winning candidates. Prologue brings AI, exceptional design and tons of automation to take away the busywork.

Hiring teams

3. Build a candidate-obsessed organisation

Team buy-in is everything when it comes to candidate-first hiring. Build a culture that celebrates good hiring around an experience that's a pleasure to use.

TA leaders

4. Orchestrate candidate-first at scale

Don't let your team's work go to waste. Get ahead of any issues with proactive insights or use advanced reports to track your own SLAs.


Candidate-first hiring forCandidates

Treat candidates as equals

Make your hiring process a collaboration between candidates and your team in our shared workspace

The Prologue candidate dashboard

The hiring journey is an opportunity to demonstrate your values, build candidate buy-in, and win the best to your cause. Giving candidates an equal seat at the table is the best way to do that.

Build transparency and trust

Show candidates that you do what you say you'll do. Prologue automatically keeps potential hires in the loop regarding their application (and makes sure you're able to deliver the experience they deserve).

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Recruiting the best candidates is a two-way process. We help you give candidates the tools to feel empowered and in control.

Your chance to interview us


Hiring manager

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Maintain engagement

Prologue serves personalised content to candidates at the right moments to keep them engaged.


How we got to 100k DAUs

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Show your human side

Candidates make decisions based on the people they will work with. Prologue showcases the amazing team you already have so you can show your authenticity and humanity.

Max Hershen

Chief Technology Officer

Hiring manager


I'm the CTO at Acme. I'm responsible for our tech, and making sure it's able to serve our global customer base... Read more

Working Styles

💻 Hybrid worker🌙 Works best in the evening🚁 Loves working across teams

Amaze and delight

Prologue helps you make every interaction memorable – helping you stand out.

Pick your compensation mix

Base Salary


+ Bonus





And more...

Self scheduling
Feedback Surverys
DE&I reporting
File management
Engagement metrics

No credentials required

Magic links embedded in your communications bring candidates in with no login

From sourced to pre-onboarding

Candidate dashboards take your hires from hello to hired

Up-to-date by default

No manual effort required – dashboards update automatically as candidates move through your process


Detailed page data lets you know who is engaged and what is working

Fully branded

Customise colours, images, logos and fonts to show off your brand


Built to serve candidates however they are interacting with you

Highlighted feature

Personalised candidate pitch deck

Using our LinkedIn Chrome extension you can create pitch decks for every candidate you reach out to. Harness our AI to tailor perfectly personalised messages that let candidates know why they'd be a great fit for your team.



120% increase in response rates

Randomized trial with N=209

Why we are pitching you

You've scaled Series A tech teams


Worked in highly regulated environments



Built a product our team loves



Grace Macleod

Recently hired with Prologue

“It was such a unique experience. By the end I felt like I knew the team and company way better than any of my other applications.”

Candidate-first hiring forRecruiters

Stop doing admin, start closing

Prologue is built for highly capable teams who want to recruit, not get bogged down in data entry and admin


Candidate-first recruitment is about making genuine, human connections. Prologue automates the busywork, leaving you free to do what you do best.

Automate admin

Never wonder what needs doing next. Have Prologue point you at the most important tasks and complete them automatically or with a single click.


Make Decision

Candidate achieved a score 71/100.

AI-assisted workflows

Prologue uses AI to help you work smart, not hard. Candidate-first recruitment has never been this easy, whether it's writing amazing job descriptions or giving thoughtful feedback.

Suggested Candidate Feedback

Generated with AI based on interview notes.

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We did notice an opportunity for growth in your practical understanding of microservices. We recommend diving deeper into topics like service discovery, load balancing, and containerization. A book we like is “Building Microservices” by Sam Newman that could help you build expertise in this area.

Deep customisation

See what you need to see the way you need to see it. Prologue's customisable spreadsheet views let you work with your data how you see fit.

Next steps

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Max Henderson

Backend engineer


Message Received

3 days ago

At risk

Powerful scheduling

Invite candidates to schedule using self-serve links. For more complex scenarios use our powerful scheduler which automatically finds compatible times.


Preferred order

Fairest load




Skills Interview

12.15pm - 1pm

Culture Interview

1pm - 1.45pm

Manager Interview

1.45pm - 2.30pm

Serious speed

Prologue is built for speed with no page loads and minimal clicks.

Candidate-first hiring forHiring teams

Build a candidate-obsessed organisation

Stop chasing your team for feedback forms. Introduce a candidate-first culture and delight your team with Prologue.

Candidates care a huge amount about who they'll be working with. Get your team bought-in and capable of delivering an incredible candidate-first experience.

Celebrate your team's efforts

Too often interviewing is considered a nuisance to hiring teams. Champion success through automatically sharing positive candidate feedback in your team's Slack channels.

# candidate-feedback


🎉 A candidate just gave @Tom great feedback. This is his 5th interview this week!

Score: 5/5

Comments: Really enjoyed chatting with Tom - felt like I learnt a lot during the interview.

The experience they deserve

High quality tools like Notion, Linear and Slack set the bar for your team. Prologue is the only ATS that meets it.

What is the difference between grid and flexbox, and when would you use one vs the other?


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Stay on track

We'll keep on top of what your team need to do and remind them at the right time – 10 minutes before an interview, or whenever they've got an outstanding task.


Show candidates what makes your team tick with minimal effort.

Suggested candidate offer message

Generated with AI based on your interview notes.


Hey Joe! I wanted to let you know I'm genuinely excited about the prospect of you joining our team. Your technical expertise, knowledge of Scala, and problem-solving skills truly stood out during our interview. Take your time to decide... then choose us!

Candidate-first hiring forTA Leaders

Orchestrate candidate-first at scale

Prologue is built for progressive, data-driven talent acquisition organisations


SLAs, real-time observability and forecasting help make sure your processes are working before your dream candidate enters the pipeline.

Collect rich data

Insights are only as good as the data that underpins them. Prologue gives you both active and passive measures of what's going on.

Candidate NPS



Content engagement



Robust workflows

From managed offer approvals to high-level capacity planning, Prologue is built for overseeing large numbers of critical roles.

Max Henderson

Backend Engineer



DE&I Insights

Collect DE&I data directly from candidates using our best-practice surveys. Understand how you're doing on DE&I across any reporting dimension.

Set actionable SLAs

Setup your own SLAs or use pre-configured suggestions from Prologue. If you're not hitting your targets we'll help you find ways to improve and get back on track.


Fill probability


Senior Product Manager


1 candidate offered, 2 in last interview.

Full-Stack Engineer


5 candidates in later stages.

Senior Full-Stack (NA)


Adverse dropoff in tech test.

Marketing Manager


Insufficient sourced candidates.

Predict; don't guess

Use Prologue's forecasts to understand what's likely to happen, and direct your resources accordingly.

Role fill probability



Based on current pipeline health